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rising tides: trashing the ocean exhibit

Casey Middle School in Boulder Colorado is exhibiting art made from trash demonstrating the ubiquity of plastic waste in our oceans. Such a great awareness project for a school to do. The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre is a trash continent made from plastic trash accumulating in the ocean. The trash sits like a thin soup over an area twice the state of Texas. It is estimated that there are 3.5 million tons in this swath of filthy polluted water. This island of trash was not discovered until 1997 by Charles Moore. Animals mistake plastic for food consuming it, then dying. There is a continent of plastic trash mirroring this one in the Atlantic Ocean as well. Of the seven common plastics, only two are readily recyclable, only 3-5% of all plastic used is recycled at all. 10% of all plastic trash winds up in the ocean, starting out as loose garbage along coastal areas.

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