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recycled magazine: d.i.y. gift bows

Creative wrapping can always take a gift to the next level, it shows that you put a bit more thought into it rather than had someone else wrap it at the store. But if you have the time, this D.I.Y. can use up some of your junk mail or piles of magazines you have lying around. I think when wrapping a gift it is important not to create extra waste in doing so. This super resourceful tutorial from How About Orange is the perfect way to stay green minding while gift giving. It could also work in a pinch if you find yourself without wrap, by instead using newsprint as wrapping and crafting one of these recycled magazine bows. Great job Orange!

The end results have a certain quality to them that you cannot get with store bought versions. They have a bit more patina and more of a soft matte finish.

I think I'll try out the map version with my already hacked up atlas I use for collages!

additional photos fromĀ Katie's Flickr set

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