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recycled kitchen cabinets: barcelona remodel

R3Project is a blog diary following the process of adapting and remodeling an urban house in the heart of Barcelona into an energy efficient space for the owners green lifestyle.

Sergio Carratala & Petz Scholtus documented their home projects to show their step by step eco-renovation and share their many DIY projects to inspire you for your own home.

Their kitchen cabinets for example are built using wood from beer and alcohol crates. They love the memories contained within the writing on each crate and wine box, some of which they drank themselves.

Quick tutorial:  take the sides of the wooden boxes and removed all the nails, lay them out flat to design the layout. By overlapping and mixing different kinds of wood layout the desired design. Mark the pieces with a pencil and start cutting. To give the doors the necessary structure, nail them on to a 8mm wooden board. Cut out the shape of the doors, attach the hinges and install them. If the wood from the boxes isn’t varnished already, they recommend you add a layer or two so that possible fingerprints from cooking can easily be removed.

Love the finished look.

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    Very creative! I so like the idea recycling items to create a new and original designs for home. It is up for the person how to see the result/ how to appreciate what has done for the environment and or for art.

    Comment by C'est La Mode | 12.29.10

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