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recycled garden art

Nature's Nest Farm Art Festival and Farmer's Market via Junk Market Style.

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    awesome use of what would sit around!!

    Comment by cheryl | 07.22.11

    I love Yard art alot of this stuff is sitting around at my grandparents barns

    Comment by Buffy | 01.22.12

    This stuff is great… such a great “re” use of things others would discard.

    Comment by Kay | 02.24.12

    How do you attach the glass pieces? Do you use a glass blower to bore holes?

    Comment by Nena | 05.20.12

    How do you attach the glass to the pole??

    Comment by Deborah | 05.26.12

    How do you attach the glass to the pole?

    Comment by Doris | 07.02.12

    these are awesome… what did you use to assemble ? glue, drill holes or what?? Ive just inherited china pieces from a Great Aunt Id love to make these for the family….

    Comment by Suzy | 07.18.12

    Silicone (clear, outdoor rated) is most frequently used for these…the fitting on the back is attached in a variety of ways. See http://www.gardenweb.com and look thru the :Garden Junk” forum. You will be looking for glass flowers, among other names for them.

    Comment by Pat | 08.24.12

    I want to make these for gifts for my family. Do you have any instructions on how to attach pole. Did you use E6000 glue? Any info would help. Thank you

    Comment by Tracey Vanderlick | 03.21.13

    Hello, Question… I made a repurposed bird bath last summer out of a variety of glassware… love it! I used the lexel glue. the only thing I didn’t get it in out of the cold fast enough & the top bowl cracked & part of it broke right off,. So I would like to replace the bowl on the top. Any suggestions on how to soften the Lexel glue so I can separate the glass bowl from the top?

    Comment by Shelley Conley | 08.29.13

    Sorry, not familiar with Lexel glue….

    Comment by admin | 08.29.13

    I glue a hockey puck to the back of plate. Predrill hole in bottom of pock the size of the pole. I used rebar. Used epoxy glue.

    Comment by Kathy | 09.19.13

    Great idea Kathy! Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by admin | 09.27.13

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