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To me a vintage doily has so much character and history in it's stitches. I love how each one is so delicate and unique, and cannot help but think of all the time that went into each stitch by someone's granny, somewhere. I tend to find them en mass in thrift and antique stores and it really saddens me that they go unloved. Therefore, I have accumulated boxes of these white and off white handicraft.

I searched and searched for what to do with them finally used a fabric stiffener with a bit of fabric paint mixed in to change their color and give them a bit of flair. First you mix the stiffener with the fabric paint  and place in paste, wadding it up to wring out any extra stifferner. You then use a plastic bowl, or a porcelain bowl covered with aluminum foil to drape the coated doily over to mold it into place. Let dry 24 hours.

I saw that Shannon South of ReMade USA also came up with a creative way to repurpose the doilies as well in creating this lovely pendant light from her amassed collection. Each doily is sewn around a spherical mold and hardened with wallpaper paste. Love it!

Give vintage doilies new life!

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    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I have a million of these doillies and they would be perfect for this project.

    Thanks so much!
    Tahani G.

    Comment by Tahani Gunal | 02.19.11

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