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pluckyfluff: hand spinning revolution

Pluckyfluff is the creative brainchild of pioneering hand yarn spinner Lexi Boeger from Placerville, California. The recipient of a bachelor's degree in fine art from UC Davis, author Lexi Boeger is the founder of Pluckyfluff.com, a website for unusual handspun yarns and fiber art.

Lexi is an amazing innovator of new, non-traditional spinning techniques and inclusions in the yarn. Her gorgeous handspun yarns are a notable contribution to new urban craft culture. She is also the author of “Intertwined: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns and Creative Spinning” a new release from Quarry Books. She has previously self-published “Plucklyfluff Handspun Revolution.”

Some of her colorful yarns contain tinsel, shredded paper, vintage fabrics, recycled sari silk, small toys, feathers, ribbon, sequins, candy wrappers, plastic flowers and more. These gorgeous yarns are perfect for a unique knitting, crocheting or weaving project and can be purchased on her site.

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