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toideloi playhouse

The Toideloi Stackhouse is a modular dollhouse. Kids or parents can change the dollhouse by arranging and stacking the rooms, balconies and roofs into many unique structures. The Stackhouse is expandable; kids can bring along their rooms on play dates and build a mansion or build up a collection of rooms and roofs over time. House, sky-scraper, village or castle. Something different every day.

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    I recently brought a playhouse from True Modren (Designed by Edgar Blazona) for my kid and he liked it a lot.I think that this Stackhouse will be another wonderful addition as it allows the kids to redesign or expand the house.

    Comment by andria ryan | 09.26.11

    These are great. These also remind me of great products by Kroom for kids all made from recycled cardboard – Fairy castles, Firestation


    They design Eco 3d animal puzzles – http://www.bellakoola.com/collections/crembo

    Comment by Shirley | 09.23.12

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