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goóc-brazil: sustainable style & haute handbags

Goóc (pronounced gawk) makes sandals from 70–100% reclaimed rubber and bags of re-used vintage canvas. Their t-shirts are made with… continue

green label: eco conscious graphics

Environmentally minded t-shirt graphics at Green Label.

colonel kilgore: 100% organic hip eco clothing

Love this ‘broken board’ t-shirt by Colonel Kilgore Clothing…. from where else? UK, its UK afternoon for me.

surplus fabric: tshirt cut offs area rug

T-shirt manufacturing remnants are hand-hooked for the modern look of this cozy rug, made in Thailand.

turk + taylor: organic cotton t’s

Artisan grassroots company Turk+Taylor has jewel toned hand-dyed organic t-shirts. All designs are in limited editions only. Turk+Taylor also have… continue

eco fashion treats for men

Eco fashion for men is streetwear savvy these days with some fun mens shoes from Terra Plana, fun wallet from… continue