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our childrens gorilla: children’s furniture and accessories

Our Children's Gorilla Our Children's Gorilla was founded in 2002 to design and produce home accessories, children's deco and toys. Their products encourage the use of imagination and creativity. OCG has an ever growing collection of environmentally friendly products, made out of carefully selected materials made by both large manufacturers and smaller companies that produce products by hand.

At their packing facility OCG works with people in rehabilitation programs on their way back into employment, some after years of unemployment due to dealing with diverse health issues and handicaps. When sourcing materials, OCG encourages and invests in the development of new materials that are environmentally friendly.

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    So when your kid complains about something creepy on the floor, he’s not kidding anymore.

    Comment by Frederico | 08.24.10


    Comment by admin | 10.05.10

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