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naya shoes: eco conscious manufacturing

Naya Shoes are eco-consciously made from chrome-free & vegetable-tanned leathers, organic & sustainable fabrics, nickel free buckles, heels made from sustainable bamboo, biodegradable latex foam cushioning, natural cork and rubber footbeds and outsoles made with recycled materials. Naya shoes are shipped in recycled paper boxes and constructed using water soluble glues and cements. These gorgeous shoes are priced from $100-150.

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    OMG, cute shoes!!! I wonder where they’re being sold?

    Comment by Kim from Milwaukee | 05.28.10

    Aren’t they adorable!? Follow this link to the Naya Shoes web site and you can find a store near you or shop online: http://www.nayashoes.com/content.aspx?contentID=find-online#

    Comment by null | 06.11.10

    wow, who know that eco friendly shoes could look so beautiful….I just went to Naya’s website and I can see they also have great shoes, clogs, and boots coming for Fall. I want to see what they do next. I bought a green shoe with beads on it from Naya and everwhere I go someone says how beautiful they are and ask where can they get a pair.

    Comment by tomanyshoe | 06.19.10

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