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modern still life: diy project

Follow these very simple instructions at The Bulb Project for a modern art take on spring blooms!


1. Go outside to your garden or on a walk and gather a bouquet of spring blooms and leafy foliage.

2. Lay them on your scanner face down, layering and arranging as if it was a flower arrangement.

3. Cover the whole arrangment with a dark background of some type (a large black piece of fabric).

4. Scan the image onto your computer. Voila!


Photos via Beau-Allen, Gardening Gone Wild & Ellis Hollow

For more inspiration see Ellen Hoverkamp, her vignettes are amazing!

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    My website is only a sample of my complete portfolio.
    Thanks for mentioning my work!
    - Ellen

    Comment by Ellen Hoverkamp | 04.11.11

    Wonderful- would like to follow your blog! Very inspirational.

    Comment by Libby | 04.17.11

    Fantastic idea!! Thank you.

    Comment by zz liu | 09.08.12

    What a great idea. They look wonderful, I will certainly be giving this a try!

    Comment by Home and Garden Blogger | 09.13.12

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