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mike urban: cretaceous garden

Mike Urban welds the most enchanting dinosaur sculptures for the yard or garden from bits of metal. Reclaimed scraps from tractors, shovels and other implements give the dinosaurs even more charm. Mike Urban

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    Very cool! Where is it located?

    Comment by Hennen | 06.14.12

    What a great way to repurpose metal. I always wonder where such large slabs of leftover metal go once they’re no longer useful, so I love this. The subtle farming forms within the dinos really joins them to the green background. I’ve found other green-friendly wall art with quirky options for interiors.

    Comment by Juliane | 07.03.12

    Awesome. There is lots of photos on the site you linked, but I still can’t find the location of garden. Is it open to the public?

    Comment by buddhist | 07.21.12

    Wow, so cool! I love green/recycled DIY projects so naturally I am a fan of this website- kudos!

    Check out my latest DIY recycled project…


    Comment by Luke | 08.15.12

    I completely agree with the above comments and just wanted to say how cool the dinosaurs are!

    Comment by Liz Mihaljevic | 08.24.12

    This is such a fun way of integrating design into your backyard. I love the concept!

    Comment by Cozydays | 08.31.12

    Great pictures !!! I have never seen it before

    Comment by George | 09.13.12

    Wow, must take great skill to perfect that craft and I bet the kids love it…wouldn’t fancy looking out the window on a rainy, dark night alone and seeing the outline of a dinosaur though!

    Comment by Interior Design Calgary | 10.17.12

    Ingenious use of re-purposed metal. You are an artist.

    Comment by Eco Friendly Guy | 10.22.12

    We are in love with these! Surrounded by large ferns or palms, it would be positively prehistoric!

    Comment by Broadway+Thresher | 10.25.12

    A great memory that people could enjoy when visit the urban garden. Nice work out from the part of the artists.

    Comment by Ecosystem | 10.27.12

    Wow. It is awesome design.

    Comment by Adam Marshall | 09.27.13

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