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mandinka bag: memorial day giveaway

For this long extended weekend, Haute Nature is giving away this very smart repurposed bag made from mens suit material.

Mandinka re-sews reclaimed & recycled suit coats. Each bag is a beautiful compilation of jacket parts including sleeves, collars, pockets and even labels. The Sir Franklin satchel is the perfect soft briefcase for work materials or computer case but could even become a diaper bag or other carry all.

In order to win, please write a Haiku about warm weather or long weekends. Include a sentence of feedback about the new site too, we'd love to hear what you think about the new design. Winner will be chosen one week from today. Thank you and good luck!

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    floral scents wafting
    spring sun makes garden erupt
    happy renewal

    I haven’t visited in a long while and was thrilled with the new look. It’s much easier to take it all in. Thanks for the treat. I will be back more regularly.


    Comment by Michele Bonner | 06.01.10

    the weather is hot
    I am not: because I have
    central air – thank god.

    Does that even really count? I like the simplicity of your layout, not too much clutter around the sides or bottom of your page.

    Comment by Sara | 06.01.10

    degrees are rising
    bike rides trump conference calls
    priority bliss

    Love the new site! Very user friendly.

    Comment by Kari Rohren | 06.02.10

    Long lazy weekend
    Sleep late, do nothing, enjoy.
    Fleeting…gone too soon!

    Comment by Janine | 06.04.10

    Oh, and love the new layout. Kudos!

    Comment by Janine | 06.04.10

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