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making cement planters: diy project

Hypertufa is a lightweight concrete that is very easy to mix up. Making concrete planters of your own shapes and sizes for outdoor and indoor plantings is economical


Cement (it's the glue that binds the other ingredients) Pearlite or Vermiculite (helps to make lightweight) Peat moss (more lightweight additive)

Materials and Tools:

gloves/dust mask/apron

food containers (plastic or carton from milk or soup)

plastic bucket



metal file

drill file

Hypertufa is a method of replicating heavier stone troughs as a lightweight substitute for the garden.

Choose your mold by nesting two vessels, one smaller than the other by about 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch so that you can pour the mixture in the space between them. Both should have sides that are straight or taper out slightly.

Mix materials: wearing gloves and a dust mask, mix equal parts white or grey Portland cement, perlite and peat moss in plastic bucket; stir in masonry stain if desired. Add water gradually to reach the desired consistency of thick oatmeal.

Pour mixture into the outer mold to a 1 inch depth for smaller vessels or a 2 inch depth for larger ones. Set interior mold inside, centering it. Continue adding mixture between vessels. Tap on flat surface to minimize bubbles. Cover with plastic; let set for 2-3 days.

Finish by removing mold (cartons are easy to tear away), drill holes into the bottom of pot using a masonry bit, for drainage; smooth the top edge of pot with a metal file. Wrap with plastic, and allow to cure for a week or two.

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    I live in Colorado, how long will these planters last, and can they survive the cold winters? Also, how large can they be made?

    Good project.

    Comment by SandiSalimbeni | 02.09.13

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