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junky styling: wardrobe surgery

Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager established Junky Styling on Brick Lane in London 13 years ago, with the studio behind the shop. Their work consists of one-off ‘wardrobe surgeries’ for customers as well as an internationally stocked ready-to-wear collection. The business idea developed from their experimentation with recycling second-hand clothes into clubwear; being part of the same generation this sounded warmly familiar. Travels through the US and Asia allowed Sanders and Seager to think the business further; San Francisco 15 years ago was particularly inspiring. The customer base is 18-70ish in age, men and women in equal parts.

The primary source material for Junky Styling is men’s tailoring: suits. The fabrics are usually of a high quality (Annika and Kerry steer clear of anything susceptible to a naked flame), and every scrap is accounted for one way or another.

Junky Styling has published a wonerful book with many of their deconstruction and reassembly techniques for fashion, available here.

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