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joanna cave: recycled jewelry

Joanna Cave grew up Cycladic island by her Greek mother and English father. She attended an international school in Athens and studied jewellery design in London.

Her inspiration for her gorgeous jewelry comes from folklore art, nature and ancient culture. Her unique sense of style is refined with minimalistic charm and simplicity.

All her jewelry is crafted by hand, using ethically-sustained and recycled materials, “I use mostly recycled silver in my designs. I melt an existing piece of jewelry and use the silver to remake a new piece. I believe in a piece of jewelry holding its own story and personality, but more than anything I believe that the world is full of unwanted pieces that need a new lease of life. If I didn't use recycled silver I would have to buy silver that's been extracted from the earth through mining which contributes to a huge environmental destruction. The working conditions for people working in mines are also very harsh and dangerous.”

By recycling silver, Cave embellishes her fashion-forward followers with true moral value. This idea of memory and the respect for life has been something Cave has always valued. Her prices remain affordable to everyone - for Cave, ethical fashion should not be elitist.

Her collections are sold in the UK, in London and in Brussels, and Athens.

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