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heineken’s world bottle: upcycled packaging

John Habraken designed the World Bottle for Heineken in 1961. A bottle ahead of its time, it could be upcycled (Cradle to Cradle) into a building material as zero waste, turning a disposed of material into a do-it-yourself building material. This forethought in design of creating a secondary purpose for packaging is sustainably brilliant. The design is flat on two sides, for stacking, with a recessed bottom to interlock with the top of another bottle. Recycling bottles still requires energy and material resources to melt down the glass again. A lack of cheap building materials, should have made this bottle into a success, but it was never put into production. A 10’ x 10’ shack would take about 1000 bottles to build & glass and air make efficient insulators. The World Bottle should be reintroduced today.

More on bottle walls here.

Photo via Hyper Experience


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