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heart rocks: found decor

Collecting shaped rocks is quite addictive--while taking your next quiet stroll, assuming it is not snowing in your area-meander along looking for heart rocks or even a rock shaped like a skull. It is a guarantee that someone on your list would love to receive either. It spreads a little love and a little punk if you are lucky enough to find a skull one. Plus, if you don't end up finding anything you have still taken a bit of time for yourself to relax and quietly meditate.

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    How cute! I usually put interesting stones in my flowerpots. But really, they’re just stones, after a while, you’re going to end up like living on a stone beach!

    Comment by Heather | 03.20.11

    I have been collecting heART shaped stones for years. See some of my artwork with these stones on my website.

    Comment by Barbara | 03.25.11

    I have been collecting stones since I was a small child. Inhereted a love of rocks from my great aunt. When I was about six the Hwy Dept called my uncle and asked him to keep me out of their rock pile which was across the street. My favorites are ones I call Madonna stones. and hearts. I would show you but my scanner is not functiong. oh and now that I am all grown up ppl in the area complain they can’t find any rocks for their gardens because of me!

    Comment by lindazoe | 07.14.11

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