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handmade costume ideas

This Halloween I am kind of obsessed with mythological half human, half animal themes....

I like the idea of dressing as a animal human hybrid or ambimorph. Here is a little hybrid mythology to read.

Satyr: half human half goat

Minotaur: half human half bull

Horus: half human half bird

Anubis: half human half jackal

Dracena: half human half snake

others are: naiad, faun, werewolf, cyclops, harpies, siren, triton, nagas, dogons.

Here are some other great ideas for homemade costumes-day of dead, mummy and heidi klum as skingirl ala Bodyworlds. Every great dane should be a fairy.


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    I love the picture of the girl dressed as a ghoul, they all look so pretty!

    Comment by Linda | 02.22.12

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