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gino rizzi: recycled plastic artist

Gino Rizzi uses all kinds of domestic plastic that most people don’t consider as valuable materials. He started recycling and looking for costless materials, when starting his artistic carreer in Paris after finishing his art studies in Urbino, Italy. He engaged children and their parents in this act of recycling, organising art workshops, this while working for a cultural centre and as an art teacher in public schools.

These experiences made him develop a whole new vision on plastic, which appeared an omnipresent waste and sculptling material. His series of plastic coral is poetic in his concern about our planet or in his own words ‘the plastification of nature’.

Beside Gino Rizzi’s free work, he embraced several project opportunities working for and with others. He made a series of jewellery for fashion designer Nina Ricci, assembled lamps for Greenage and presented prototypes for a broad-range of gadgets made out of plastic bottles in design gallery La Péripherie. He collaborated with illusionist Gérard Majax in building a walk through aquarium, in which the visitor could experience ingravity by using ‘up-side-down’ eye glasses. This exhibition was presented in the ‘Cité des Science et de l’Industrie’ and ‘Le Palais de Congrès’ in Paris.

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