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I think I've always been a foodie. It must have been my moms huge organic garden when I was little. Plucking ripe vegetables from the ground and luscious fruit from your own trees brings an extra level of satisfaction for a home cooked meal.

I like knowing where my food comes from, I take pleasure in seeing what flourishes year to year and recording that. Luckily, Colorado has a nice growing season with plenty of sunshine. Most of what we cook in the Summer is from our own garden and what we don't have we can get at the local organic farmers market.

But I am also a proponent of wild food foraging and going on mushroom hunts or forays. Its the pleasure of the hunt for me, the discovery and surprise of what you'll find along the way that is useful and nourishing. Not to mention that Colorado has a plethora of rivers from which to fish.....yes, I'd say its been a great summer full of friends who also appreciate these simple pleasures of good food. Friends who have their own bee hives, distilleries, backyard chickens and gardens, outside pizza ovens.....and friends who know how to cook!

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