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the urban oasis: city parks

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), an American social reformer and democrat, was the instigator of the design and creation of numerous… continue

jordi rabal :: more natural birdhouse

Jordi Rabal’s birdhouse project is focused on the new design for a birdhouse based on the customization by the user… continue

the preserving begins!

    The abundant cherry tree in front is exploding with bowls and bowls of scrumptious sour cherries. Besides freezing… continue

community gardens :: boulder

Connecting people with a local food source and an opportunity to grow it themselves is critical in every town and… continue

roof top garden project :: montreal

Every city should be as lucky as Montreal to have a Roof Top Garden¬†Project¬†! Their different gardens are productive, community… continue

succulent love designs

  Succulent Love Designs, so easy to care for.