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eco base: prefab, energy efficient architecture


EcoBase wooden wall can be compared to a 90-centimetric concrete plate. It will protect from external noise and dust, therefore it will be always quiet and warm in the EcoBase. And certainly we use only FSC certified wood.

Panel-System® sandwich panels

EcoBase roof is made of sandwich panels which are lightweight and strong metal blocks filled with modern synthetic materials. The fire resistance limit of the Sandwich panels is 0.75 hours; they are suitable for installation on roof solar batteries and, finally, are presented in a wide color scale for your taste. Solar batteries will help you to save essentially on public utilities and together with it to bring a contribution to the protection of the environment. Guarantee period on Sandwich panels is 20 years, and after this they can be recycled.


Behind this thin and strong composite panel (consisting of two non-flammable aluminum cover sheets and high-mineral filled core) we have hidden many utilities like water-drains, electro posting, etc…, so nothing hinders the beauty of appearance.

Low-E windows & doors

This is one of the most interesting achievements in the field of energy saving for windows. The Low-E coating allows most natural light to enter freely, but reflects a significant portion of long and short wave heat energy.


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