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bathtub planter reuse

Beginning to wonder just how many claw foot bath tubs are living out the rest of their material lives here… continue

recycled magazine ideas

Periodicals, catalogs and other junk mail can be reduced by visiting Direct Marketing Choice and opting out. If you do… continue

top 20 diy projects of 2010

ReadyMade Magazine has just come out with their top 20 do-it-yourself projects for 2010. My favorites are the Recycled Wood… continue

diy salvage ideas

I am very excited to have just received a subscription to Sunset, especially with all the new modern ideas that… continue

top 10 white christmas trees

Becoming a little obsessed with white Christmas trees. Purchased number one and now I want to create a little forest… continue

cactus wreath: holiday diy

There’ll be no white Christmas here in Colorado. It is warm, sunny and basically gorgeous out. There is no excuse… continue