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I am very excited to have just received a subscription to Sunset, especially with all the new modern ideas that the magazine is featuring. My mother used to receive Sunset when I was little, and I am very happy to see that they evolve and have staying power as relevant then as they are now.

All of these DIY ideas were recently in the magazine, so easy and so brilliant.

Haute Ideas

1. Once was: sewer pipes                      Now is: plant containers

The inch-thick pipes painted a retro color, adds a modern vibe to any garden.

2. Once was: metal goblet                    Now is: Candleabra

Clean goblets with metal polish and a clean cloth. Then fill with Microwaveable Soy Wax for Containers (by Yaley; $6.99 for 1 lb.; from joann.com) and used Pre-Waxed Medium Bleached Wick with Wick Clip (by Yaley; $2.99 for six; from joann.com) to make elegant, long-burning votives.

3. Once Was: Window                         Now is: Garden table

Cut four table legs from an old 2-by-2 and secured them to a window frame (with safety glass*) using door hinges as brackets.

*If you can't find a window with safety glass, add a sturdy, transparent surface to the tabletop (try tapplastics.com)

4. Once was: Wooden spools              Now s: Garden hose wrap

Bolt three wooden cordage spools, spaced about 1 foot apart, to a backyard fence. Paint the spools, or use a colorful hose.

See more at  Sunset Magazine

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