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d.i.y. mid century modern playhouse in denver

This well constructed modern playhouse by mid century minded dad Dan Njegomir was built in the Krisana Park Neighborhood of Denver. To blend nicely with the mid century family's home, Dan pieced together his fantastic creation for Home Depot components for sons Alexander and Peter.

Materials totalled $700 and include translucent corrogated poly carbonate roofing and prefab slide doors. The masterpiece was completed by son Alexander's 3rd birthday with plenty of encouragement form mom and wife Jennifer.

via Atomic Ranch

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    Krisana Park is such a great neighborhood and seeing this addition to a backyard is great – making a home in Krisana Park into a great kid friendly home and adding kids to this neighborhood just adds more variety and life life to this very diverse neighborhood and it is great…….. Keeping the architectural integrity of the Mid Century Modern Architecture adds value not only to your home but your neighbors too…….. not the normal tuff shed eye soar to look at over backyard fences GREAT JOB !!!! Brent Jones http://www.moderncoloradohomes.com

    Comment by WOW Fantastic add to Mid Century Modern KRISANA PARK | 08.22.10

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