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d.i.y. wednesday: cardboard hack: two story cat climber

These are pictures are of a two story cat climber that I just created using two of the same size cardboard boxes I had in the garage. Needless to say, the cats love jumping in and out of it, and the second story offers plenty of extra attack options. I used a gluegun, exacto knife and the two boxes--that's it. Just left 1/4 of the floor open between the two boxes by cutting 1/2 of two adjacent flaps on each box and gluing it all back together. I would have to say this is the most used do-it-yourself project I have made!

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    How fun!!! My cats would love me forever if I made them one of these.

    Love the new website, btw! Good job! Very clean and easy to navigate.

    Comment by Kim from Milwaukee | 05.28.10

    Brilliant! I am going box hunting right after I sign off. Thank you!

    Comment by Ardith | 08.20.10

    This is just too fabulous! Well Done!!

    Comment by Maggi | 05.08.12

    This is so much cooler than the box I have on the floor now for my cats. Definitely going to work on one of these this weekend! This is fantastic for animal shelters and rescues as well. They can just recycle after the cats have ‘trashed’ it.

    Comment by Critter Project | 05.10.12

    Snow day today and I just moved, so we have a gazillion boxes! This is brilliant! I’m going to break out my glue gun and exact-o knife!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Comment by Molly | 01.21.14

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