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brothers dressler: sustainable furnishings

Brothers Dressler twin craftsmen, Jason and Lars Dressler, building furniture and other objects with a respect for material, process and craftsmanship in Toronto, Canada.

Their line is made from repurposed and upcycle salvaged objects as well as lumber from responsible forestry practices. Wasting material is taboo for them, repurposed even scraps into useful and beautiful objects.

Dressler lighting incorporates obsolete bicycle rims gathered from local bike kitchens, cycle shops and trash bins. The spokes hold the fixture, which is outfitted with a dimmable compact fluorescent bulb.

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    This image is simply spectacular ……….
    Congratulations for the good Work!
    I find that Menina Design Group identifies itself sufficiently with the mark and the marks that it represents…
    I suggest that http://www.meninadesign.pt
    I will follow its work.

    Comment by Charlotte Fonseca | 03.31.11

    radical rocking

    Comment by gordon rattey | 08.01.11

    So many wonderful finds on Haute Nature! So glad I checked out the site. (Met you at Firefly handmade.) LOVE this ‘onedge lounger’! (Reposted on tumblr.)

    Comment by Katherine | 09.17.12

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