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boulder landmarks of the future tour: logan-wiggins

Recently, the Boulder Historic Society organized a 'Landmarks of the Future' tour.  The most compelling home on the tour from my standpoint was the Logan-Wiggins home. A LEED platinum certified home created by Boulderites Jim Logan and his wife.

The energy saving features of the 2,400 sf home include a geothermal heat system, a ground source heat pump, R-13 windows, super insulated walls and ceilings and a powerful 10KW photovoltaic system on the roof that meters far more electricity back to the grid than it draws. The home stands in the same small footprint as the 1950 structure it completely replaced. The one story structure shows a modern fascade to the street, inside it feels like a box of light. This structure is all about daylighting.

Logan included a gray water system, dometic water tubing, mirror glazing with R-11, clerestory windows, daylighting and passive solar heat gain. Most of the lighting has led bulbs,  local beetle kill lodgepole pine wood siding and recycled brick from demolished Denver building were used during construction. The framing uses engineered 8" studs filled with foam insulation, all framing members at 24" oc which uses 20% less framing overall. In the kitchen, the owners used Eco Top Counters, recycled paper bonded with bamboo fiber and finished with wax coating. The foundation walls are insulated concrete forms (ICF's) sandwiching the concrete foundation wall between two layers of foam to provide high insulation. Ground source heat pump, geothermal bore holes 100' deep in driveway the geothermal is 4x more efficient than conventional electric heat and also preheats the domestic hot water heat recovery ventilator that exchanges energy from exhaust air to fresh supply air. A 10kWh Photovoltaic System on their garage provides electricity to house, while the excess production is sent to the grid.

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