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botanical font

This is the Summer of the botanical font! Any type of unusual typography really appeals to me. I enjoy crafting alphabets from vegetal plant matter in every season. These flower parts are what was available in my backyard for the month of June and July.

Most of these are soon to be posters and cards, all made from flora from my cutting garden. What do you think?

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    These are so incredibly pretty! I was hoping it was a font that was actually available for use on the computer so I could recreate this stuff myself. But I love all of them. You must have a lovely garden. :)

    Comment by Alden | 08.30.13

    Thank you! I am working on a font actually-will keep you posted when it’s finished :)

    Comment by admin | 08.31.13

    Beautiful and creative works of art.

    Comment by Kristian | 10.20.13

    So pretty! I can’t stop admiring every letter, especially the L in ‘smile’ =)

    Comment by Meg | 03.04.14

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