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big sur bakery: gourmet & gallery

These pictures were taken during the epic 'Coastal Roadtrip of 2009', but since then I have developed a huge...no unfathomable crush on Big Sur and all that the area has to offer. TheĀ Big Sur Bakery stole a large piece of my heart on the trip with their scrumptious pastries, much needed coffee and gourmet dinners. I was also quite impressed with their selection of succulents in their garden, their choice of art and nearby shell store with woven wooden nest sculptures to get (IN)! Apparently their are many concerts at this venue.

I digress, the art inside the Big Sur Bakery left me clamoring for more...for ever now since I cannot find anything further about the artist other than his name, Eric Senesca that the barista was kind enough to tell me. His collage sculpture from washed up beach pottery at the seashore is glorious! This road trip seriously pushed me further into my roots as a west coast hippie, and all that that entails with caravans and beachcombing. Suffice to say I miss this place and cannot wait to return.

Subsequently I noticed that the bakery has their cookbook out, telling a little of their gastronomic secrets. It hurts to even write about how much I love this place. Also, stay at the Glen Oaks, you won't be sorry (the picture of the cottage and the planter).

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