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beatrice & woodsley: denver

As you drive down South Broadway in Denver, you have to have a sharp eye to spot Beatrice & Woodsley, because they don't have a sign out front. This is part of the allure of the restaurant and alludes to the back story that the decor follows. The proprietor Kevin Delk built the restaurant as a  representation of what he had expected to find in Denver when he moved here from Atlanta in 1997. The decor therefore is a bit woodsy and a bit romanticism of high alpine living.

Delk and business partner John Skogstad also own Two-Fisted Mario's and Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto —all of which follow a theme: Mario's is a Brooklyn neighborhood pizza-joint and next-door Double Daughter's is named after the conjoined daughters of a freak-show carnival owner.

Next time you are in Denver, do visit them.

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    Thank you for these gorgeous, inspiring photos!!

    Comment by Yes ma'am! | 02.02.11

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