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bathtub planter reuse

Beginning to wonder just how many claw foot bath tubs are living out the rest of their material lives here on earth as garden planters. One of the easiest DIY projects ever, you just need a beat bathtub, soil and some seeds! Pictures of more repurposed bathtubs here.

Your veggie, floral or herbal garden awaits.....

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    Ver pretty, love it; I wish I had this bathtub! Last summer, I converted one of my broken chairs into a planter (http://www.flavordesigns.com/2010/08/recycle-a-chair/).
    My grandpa turned his shoes into planting pots… Always open to some new ideas,

    Franziska San Pedro

    Comment by Franziska San Pedro | 01.24.11

    This is sensational —-

    Comment by Susanmary | 10.06.11

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