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circle factory: george peterson

The “Lingo” series by George Peterson is currently being shown at Altered Space Gallery in Venice Beach, CA. These relics… continue

nienke sybrandy: scanned fabric design

Nienke Sybrandy’s botanical artwork is a feast for the eyes of a horticulturalist. Her Floral Tablecloth is a glorious work of… continue

karen margolis: zen art

Karen Margolis draws her artistic inspiration from the Ensō (円相) – a Japanese word meaning circle, and a concept related… continue

haroshi recycled skateboard artworks

Haroshi makes his art pieces with used, recycled skateboards. His three-dimensional art pieces are composite wooden mosaics. By layering the skate… continue

yves marchand: documentary photography

Ruins of Detroit is an exquisite collection by documentary style photographer Yves Marchand was a 5 year long project begun in… continue

modern still life: diy project

Follow these very simple instructions at The Bulb Project for a modern art take on spring blooms! Instructions: 1. Go… continue