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anne valerie dupond: textile sculptor

Anne-Valerie Dupond is a terrifically talented textile artist from France. Her fabric hunting trophy sculptures are both endearing and humorous while totally unexpected. Her work of the technicolor animal set--it is brilliant that she can form the fabric in such a wild manner.

Giving free rein to her wild imagination, Dupond creates genuine works of art sculpted from rags and salvage vintage fabrics. While looking at them, you are transported into a surreal world of art and child's wonderland.

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    soooooo coooooool. mais oui!

    Comment by kristin | 10.13.10

    I love these fabric sculptures. So full of character and personality.
    I x

    Comment by Ingrid | 10.13.10

    I love your art. Keep it up

    Comment by Dianne Cagaanan | 11.01.10

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