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andy lifschutz: sustainable jewelry

Andy Lifschutz exploration into metalwork began in Brooklyn with renowned designer Kristin Hanson, he further studied in Portland, Oregon with Gunnar Adamovics, it was under the tutelage of William ("Billy") Thomas King at the Sterling Quest School of Jewelry Design and Creation (San Miguel De Allende, Mexico) that Andy made his greatest strides in metallurgy, graduating in 2008.

Each ring is made with recycled bronze, silver, and gold bases. (Recycled metals are made of scrap gold and silver that are refined for reuse.) Lifschutz tailors each base to reflect the stone sitting on it.

Lifschutz hand selects 'sustainably sourced' and naturally formed stones for their beauty, durability, and aesthetics. The gemstones are extracted from the earth with minimal environmental disruption.

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    These are amazing and so intriguing! So cool that they are from recyclable materials too!

    Comment by julie | julie digs design | 04.08.11

    These are absolutely exquisite pieces!

    Comment by Liz | 04.22.11

    I usually get the greatest ideas reading these blogs. Thank you for nice pics as well. I love pearl jewelry and doing work to buy a fine pearl necklace. .

    Comment by Ike Jarvis | 04.29.11


    Comment by Elena | 07.03.11

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