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gingerbread genius

Heck YES!! Love these unusual designs for gingerbread constructions found here on the Etsy blog. That gingerbread Airstream is the… continue

modern gingerbread house: hometa

It’s that time of year again…time to construct gingerbread houses. Hometa has downloadable PDF gingerbread house plans for their ‘Wedge… continue

gingerbread: red square

Swedish friends, Johannes and Paloma compete every year for the best gingerbread architecture. This year their lovely creation was Red… continue

haute gingerbread ideas: moomin house

There is nothing more quintessentially holiday than gingerbread. Nothing more quintessentially Swedish/Finnish than Moomin, so this year I will give… continue

teahouse gingerbread: japanese holiday

I dug up this marvelous gingerbread teahouse over at Prometheus blog. I just love what they have done here and… continue

gingerbread chitchen itza: takes the cake

Yeah, I know I like to post about exceptional gingerbread houses for the holidays. But this one, I witnessed being… continue